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    Apr 22
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    Apr 24
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RRYa, hey, I purchased this interesting book called The Acid Archives; The Second Edition. This tome is chock-full of anecdotes and explanations of over 5000 different rare records. The rare part is due to the lack of major-label distribution. And, if you are to believe the folks writing, some of the records should never have been released due to the awful nature of the contents. However, as you know, I am always digging for underground music, and I have worked my way through the entire book. As a result I have purchased and downloaded literally hundreds of digital files, in addition to buying cd's and vinyl. The fun starts now. It is going to take me the rest of the year to play all the music I have found as a result of this specific search. Hope you enjoy this trip as musch as I am. Oh, and I will play a cut from my album of the month Chew by The Paperhead. Every time I listen to Chew I like it more. Cool Breeze