Remembering Liam Scheff and Eating with Bill Goldstein

  • Wed
    Apr 12
    6:00 pm -
    7:00 pm
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    Apr 14
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    7:00 am

Liam Scheff

Twice I had the pleasure of cooking and talking with Liam Scheff when I was doing the live Great Taste shows from Hy-Vee.  Liam was a journalist, a self-described "American heretic."  

He wrote about countless controversial issues with tenacious conviction.  And Liam was, I think, an "old soul."  He had a lot of work to do, critical information to communicate, and, as it turned out, a short time to accomplish that mission.

As a cook, he leaned toward a macrobiotic approach to eating.  It's my hope you will hear in this archived broadcast, the profound gift he had for teaching people about food, and it's fundamental importance in each of our lives.  I was especially taken with how he graphically presented his cooking demo (graphic below).  I doubt that he knew or would even have cared that this style can now be found in many recent cookbooks. And, yes, the food he prepared was outstanding, and full of the life energy he projected. 

Liam summer food sketch

Describing his philosophy, he wrote the following:  Before there is anything and beneath everything-is mystery.  As soon as you name it, you lose it.  As soon as you define it, it disappears.  The reality:  we can't know the eternal; we can only live in a system of the gentlest ethics:  Be kind to others, try to do no harm to people and the world.   

Thanks Liam.  I will miss you, but I will definitely not forget the flavor you added to my culinary education.

Also, live in the studio-Bill Goldstein.  We are going to chat about his latest culinary adventures.