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THE WEEK THAT WAS w/ the Newsvandal

A Who's Who of the Trump Campaign's Russia Connections

Sergey Kislyak, Russian Envoy, Cultivated Powerful Network in U.S.

How much longer can Republicans defend Trump over Russia?

Russia asserts growing ambitions in Middle East with Libya talks

US Launches a Flurry of Airstrikes Against al-Qaeda in Yemen

Trump pledges ‘great rebuilding’ of military on visit to new carrier

Palantir Provides the Engine for Donald Trump’s Deportation Machine

EPA moves confirm Trump's climate hostility, but what of the Paris Agreement?

Our Oceans Are Garbage
U.S. military marches forward on green energy, despite Trump

Myanmar's Cardinal Bo calls for 'green theology of liberation'

Jews rally to support burned Florida mosque, $18 at a time

Race, Science, and Razib Khan

Banksy latest Palestine venture? The 'Walled Off Hotel' in Bethlehem

SpaceX Says It Will Send Two Extremely Wealthy People Around the Moon Next Year
Hacked robots will attack humans, burgle people’s homes and KILL their pets, experts warn

The night when straight white males tried to kill disco
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