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THE WEEK THAT WAS w/ the Newsvandal

Americans Are Having Doubts About Trump’s Agenda: Poll

Jeff Sessions, Fan of the Drug War and Asset Forfeiture, Confirmed as Attorney General

'See you in court,' Trump tweets after 9th Circuit panel unanimously refuses to reinstate his travel ban

Details of Trump-Putin call raise new White House concerns about leaks

Trump finally gives Xi Jinping a phone call, agrees to honor 'one China' policy

Trump’s Tough Stance on Iran: Nothing to Gain, a Lot to Lose

Exclusive: Alleged mastermind tells Obama 9/11 was America’s fault

Myanmar Rohingya crisis: The horror the world isn’t watching
The US is making a big shift away from factory farming

Robot makes money off Trump's tweets and donates it to the ASPCA

Solar Power Taking Hold in Nigeria, One Mobile Phone at a Time

The Big Reason Whites Are Richer Than Blacks in America

Most refugees who enter the U.S. as religious minorities are Christians

High radiation readings at Fukushima’s No. 2 reactor complicate robot-based probe

Watch This $100 Drone Try to Do a Bumblebee’s Job

Here's why tech has taken over our relationships
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