The Last Show of Year Six of The Rainbow Rider

RRYou read that correctly. Next week is the seven year anniversary of a show I did as a one-off for James Moore on a lark because I used to listen to a show somewhat like it back in the late sixties. Clyde Clifford, Beaker Street, KAAY 1090 AM Little Rock, Arkansas- that is the genesis of this show. Please email if you have any recollection of listening to that program. It would warm my heart. I am like John Lennon, in that I cannot tell what is real anymore in my mind, but in my heart, I can. I will let you all in on a little secret: all of these shows are about the feel of the drift from one song to the next. The playlists for my show make no sense unless you use feelings as a context. Some songs get played more than once, some just serve a purpose on that given night. So that is enough for this time, check the playlist appearing at midnight tonight, and please enjoy the music. Cool Breeze