Joyride With Me Over The Holidays

  • Sat
    Dec 24
    3:00 am -
    5:00 am
  • Mon
    Dec 26
    5:00 am -
    7:00 am

RRIt is a joy to bring you the sweet sounds of rock and roll all the time, and all the more at this wonderful time of the year. I am not a fan of cold weather, but I am a fan of meeting family and relaxing. So we will take a little trip around the world with Cracker, Led Zeppelin, The Band, and Neil Young. Then its back home with Jackie Lomax, His Name is Alive, Joe Walsh, and Many Bright Things. Last but not least, thanks and gratitude from James Gang and New Riders of The Purple Sage. Even though it will be dark when the show airs, you can remain in the light with The Rainbow Rider. Cool Breeze