It's Pizza this Week on GREAT TASTE!


Pizza at Great Taste LiveGreat pizza and Great Taste combined at Green Building Supply Tuesday night with pizzaiolo Aaron Hall featured as the maestro of dough.  Aaron's passion for pies is evident as you watch his hands manipulate the once alive, dried, ground, and now alive again wheat infused with living microorganisms.  The best part was the privilege of enjoying five different types of pizza including toppings like pistachio pesto with arugula, roasted potatoes, garlic cream, and sage, and hot calabrian chiles with fontina.


More Pizzas at GT LIVEActually, the lasting influence of Aaron's passion is the sure bet a lot more pizza baking at home will be happening in this community.  In addition to dough making, we covered how to make ricotta, roasted tomatoes, and pistachio pesto.  Check out the broadcast on KRUU this week.  Thanks to Kathy DuBois for joining us at GBS.  It's always terrific to have her back on the show. Also, a shout out to Jason Strong of FMC for producing the broadcast, Julie Stumo for taking care of all the on site details, our sponsors-Green Building Supply and Everybody's Whole Foods, and all the folks who turned out for the show.

If you are in Iowa City or Mount Vernon, you may find Aaron at the Farmer's Markets, and get the opportunity of picking up his bread.  For more news about upcoming Great Taste shows, recipes, and other food news, subscribe to the Great Taste irregular newsletter.  Go to, and sign up.

The next LIVE Great Taste is Tuesday, December 6 at 7:00 pm, and we'll celebrate chestnuts.