Bowl and Victuals-A Double Book Dose on GREAT TASTE

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    Sep 28
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    8:00 pm
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    Sep 30
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Have you noticed that vegetarian burgers are one of the "in" foods of 2016?  Ever since the opening of Brooks Headley's 

Bowl-Lukas Vogler

Superiority Burger in 2015 (and Pete Wells, New York Times critic, awarding it two stars), it seems like the meatless patty's profile has been growing exponentially.  Many star chefs have jumped on the trend, as noted in The Veggie Burger's Ascent, a recent article written by Erik Piepenburg.  

During last week's road trip I opted for the version offered by the standout burger chain, Five Guys.  It's called a Cheese Veggie Sandwich with a note on the menu that "Veggie Sandwiches do not contain veggie burger patties."  It was actually pretty good for road food-grilled mushrooms, jalapenos, and onions, cheese, pickles, tomato, lettuce, and all the condiments.  

Lukas Vogler published his book, Veggie Burgers-Every Which Way, in 2011, showing he is a trendsetter, not a follower.  I'm thrilled to welcome Lukas back to the show to discuss his latest book, Bowl, and, of course, we'll tackle the latest developments in the veggie burger world.

Victuals-Ronni LundyIn the second half of the show, I'll talk with Ronni Lundy, author of an amazing new book, Victuals, about exploring the foodways, people, and places of Appalachia.  Lundy, a Kentucky native, includes recipes from home cooks, farmers, chefs, and other folks focussed on preserving and elevating time-honored traditional methods of food production and cooking.  Her passionate portraits of people, compiled during over 4,000 miles of traveling the highways and back roads of West Virginia, southern Ohio, Kentucky, northern Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina, make this book a must read for anyone interested in not only the culinary history of Appalachia, but how that area's producers are adapting their cultural heritage to today's technological society. 

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