Paul Brinkley-Rogers - "Please Enjoy Your Happiness"

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    Sep 09
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    1:00 pm
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    Sep 12
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Paul RogersPaul Brinkley-Rogers joined the US Navy right our of high school, in 1959, and soon found himself on a ship that sailed the South China Sea and frequently docked in Japan.  There he met an unusual woman, who spoke English, shared his literary and cultural interests, and encouraged him to be a writer. When he returned to the US, he never saw her again, but his life took the direction that she had predicted.  Rogers became a war correspondent for Newsweek, then later, as a reporter for the Miami Herald, he shared a Pulitzer Prize for his team's reporting on the Elian Gonzalez custody battle.Please Enjoy Your Happiness

A few years ago, Paul came across some of the letters that Kaji Yukiko had written to him.  Her passionate words reawakened his memories of that time.  It is another world, half a century removed, and yet the mystery and adventure is so immediate.  This is one of the most moving memoirs I have ever read.

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