Food. Yoga. Wisdom. "The Healing," by Saeeda Hafiz

Saeeda HafizThe Healing

When I see a book that is a memoir of someone who has embarked on a spiritual path (usually Eastern in origin),  and/or promoting a cleaner diet or exercise regime, I expect a rosy picture, filled with tantalizing rewards of living and eating "right." The newly pure are happier, healthier and more prosperous.

In Saeeda Hafiz's book "The Healing: A Memoir of Food, Family and Yoga" is more truthful. Such changes may come slowly and at times involve two steps forward, three steps back. The expected benefits don't always materialize, at least not in the way you expected.

Saeeda is an African American woman raised in an environment rife with poverty, addiction and domesitc violence.  In her memoir, she shares her authentic story of overcoming that legacy through food and yoga.  And lots of hard work.

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