John Huff, Adam Abraham & Four Advocates for Medical Cannabis in Iowa Featured

  • Fri
    Mar 11
    3:00 pm -
    5:00 pm
  • Sun
    Mar 13
    11:00 pm -
    1:00 am

PLANET ERSTWILD on [Fridays 2-4pm; rebro Sun 11pm]

2pm | John Huff talks about his amazing Floating Beds and life.

2:30pm |  I speak with Adam Abraham on his latest thoughts and doings. Here's a little blurb of him reciting the poetry of Sun Ra, whom his father formed the Saturn record label with back in the day in Chicago. Apocalypso Tantric Noise ChoAdam Abrahamir backed him and performed in tribute to one of our supreme musical inspirations.

Here's Adam's blog link: Thought For Food > And his vortex generator product:

3pm | It's an in depth discussion on the state of medical cannabis in Iowa with four proponents: a doctor, a nurse, a veteran and a citizen advocate. Dr. Steven Jenison, Selly Van Winkle, Jon Custis and Kathy Schnell. Is it time to consider new alternatives to compassionate care, as 23 other states in the union have already done? Tuesday, March 22 at noon at the statehouse in Des Moines, Kathy says there will be a rally with speakers for those interested in pushing the equation forward for medical cannabis in Iowa.