VEDA, 2012 Paul Kantner Interview, Political Gambler Paul Krishnamurthy, Jonathan Freeman and Washington Post's Ben Terris

MPaul Kantneran, It's a Jam-packed PLANET ERSTWILD

VEDA's new music releases "Montego" and "Aurora".

2:20pm: We'll air Mike Ragogna's interview with Paul Kantner, in honor of the passing of the founder of Jefferson Airplane and Jefferson Starship.

Ben Terris2:45pm: It's Paul Krishnamurthy of, a professional gambler who plays the odds. The Manchester, England native is an interesting person with a fascinating story, whose predictions have been on the money, so to speak.

3pm: Jonathan Freeman, who's working on his doctorate in London and with the Pentagon as part of the reserves, talks with Dennis Raimondi about his life and political perspectives.

3:30pm: Dennis speaks with Ben Terris, national political writer for the Washington Post. His piece titled "The transcendental meditationists who turned an Iowa farm town into a Bernie base" appeared in today's Washington Post.