GREAT TASTE with the Crew of Organic Matters

  • Wed
    Jan 06
    7:00 pm -
    8:00 pm
  • Fri
    Jan 08
    7:00 am -
    8:00 am

Organic Matters Crew Live on GREAT TASTE


On this week's Great Taste Live show, half of the Organic Matters crew discussed their new venture, Organic Matters Cafe, opening in Everybody's on January 12.  If you missed the live show you can catch all their plans for the restaurant on  KRUU Wednesday evening and again on Friday morning.  Also, look for the video available soon at

Orion Lane brought fresh-baked bagels, and they were topped with two different kinds of cream cheese shmears made by Astred Griffin.  Also, Orion and Astred made a smoky split pea and roasted parsnip vegetarian soup that sure tasted like it has a ham hock in it :).  It was an extraordinarily fun and delicious evening.  Many thanks to Green Building Supply and Everybody's Whole Foods for sponsoring these monthly Live Great Taste shows presented by KRUU FM.

Orion Lane and Astred Griffen of Organic Matters

Organic Matters Bagels




Green Building Supply

Tuesday, February 2

7:00 pm

with Sabita Sawhney of Sabi's Cafe


Indian Breakfast Foods