the best, most creative, emotional music of 2015 -- part 1

  • Sun
    Jan 03
    9:00 am -
    10:00 am

for people wanting to hear more oldies alla time, i've got just this to say: check out the best tunes released this year. music had a great year.

weekendthere was the michael jacksonish "can't feel my face" by the weekend, with a bassline that will beat inside your chest. 

then, in their heavy, slightly psychedlic style, tame impala explains how sheeeet just sometimes goes down: "cuz i'm a man."

marcus mumford continued to impress--with 2 new cds. so does an amazing violin duo, chargeaux, and...

a fun duet: "california rolls," with stevie wonder and snoop dogg. a great r&b tune.

and i close the show with 3 songs from the ALBUM OF THE YEAR, muse's "drones." there's a reason why muse is considered the greatest rock band in the world. <!--break-->