Ceschi Ramos Music - they're saying 1 fellow can do it all!?!...

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Ceschi Ramos Music - they're saying 1 fellow can do it all!?!...

ceschi ramos

Ceschi Ramos & his music label Fake Four have saved mountains & walked skylines... sounds impossible & that is exactly why you have to hear it for yourself in his own words.  While I'm writing this he is flying out of the country on another solo international tour & concurrently operating his independent music label.  Yes, some of the art work & song titles are shocking; in this instance & from this distance it is what it is.  Like it or not his song lyrics walk a longing search for EQUALITY & HUMANITY.  Word has it that Ceschi's acoustic guitar, laptop & voice make up his notable Folk / Rap / Hip Hop / Indie Rock / Punk band...  Peace.                                                                                          

Reference:

'CASH FOR KIDS' - Documentary; Supreme Court investigated judges & overturned hundreds of delinquency adjudications. Juvenile Law Center filed a lawsuit against judges & numerous other parties. State legislature created commission to investigate wide-ranging juvenile Justice Judge Fraud. Juvenile Law Center maintains related court documents.                                                                                                                                         

THE NEW JIM CROW -  Written by Michelle Alexander a highly acclaimed civil rights lawyer, advocate, & legal scholar "EXPOSING Mass Incarceration .... in modern America."                                                                                                                

 -Special Note - "When you are in the arena, Remember who the Real enemy is."    - Hunger Games II (Catching Fire)

Busy #Advocating #CivilRights for a #juvenile. Volunteer Civil Rights Attorneys interested in discussing juvenile civil rights email JessicaBurksOffice@gmail.com from your business account.

Thank you, JessicaBurksMusic                                                                           https://artistsignal.com/JessicaBurks


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