Jessica Burks and Friends playlist for 06/04/2015

Jessica Burks & Chuck FosterJBF Theme SongVariousJessica Burks in Cooperation with Chuck Foster & Catch Me Time
Goh KurosawaCoffee JamBlue Quiet SoundOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Goh KurosawaElvis song - Can't Help Falling In Love With YouENERGYOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Goh KurosawaEvelineBlue Quiet SoundOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Goh KurosawaFruit Bunny 1ENERGYOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Goh KurosawaFirst ThingBlue Quiet SoundOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Goh KurosawaBlue Quiet SoundBlue Quiet SoundOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Goh KurosawaGentle HeartBlue Quiet SoundOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Goh KurosawaHallelujahBlue Quiet SoundOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Goh KurosawaPrelude To Believe 2015Blue Quiet SoundOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Goh KurosawaBelieveBlue Quiet SoundOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Goh KurosawaHidden GardensBlue Quiet SoundOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Goh KurosawaKeep It SimpleBlue Quiet SoundOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Goh KurosawaMy Family My FriendsENERGYOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Goh KurosawaRainBlue Quiet SoundOnigawara Records (888295252706)
Jessica Burks & Chuck FosterJBF Theme SongVariousJessica Burks in Cooperation with Chuck Foster & Catch Me Time Premier!!! 'Blue Quiet Sound' - Goh Kurosawa "A True Virtuoso"
"Goh Kurosawa is one of the most gifted & dedicated guitarists anywhere. He has quickly and obviously attained master status, a true virtuoso."Travis Rogers Jr           
Goh speaks fluent Japanese & English.  He is based in Los Angeles touring Japan & the U.S. West Coast on a regular basis concurrently organizing & performing Live Interactive Events including "BRILLIANT STRINGS", "a monthly global music gathering with live music and live painting for all ages.'  
In addition to Goh's busy Live Touring, event & interactive seminar schedule he teaches at many music schools, high schools & universities in Japan, L.A. & the Pacific Northwest area.  Here is a review of Goh teaching at the Musicians Institute in Osaka
Goh premiers his lovely and masterful 'Blue Quiet Sound' Live in Los Angeles, California on Saturday, June 13!  
Goh's fantastic use of technology enables him & everyone around him to truly make the most of each moment.  I know from experience that Goh Kurosawa is as much an Innovator as a Producer & Engineer as he is an inspiring guitarist enabling all people to be creative through his events, live performances, interactive seminars and teaching!
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