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Mane Rok originally stepped out onto the national stage with his Colorado indie Hip-Hop/Rap Trio ManeLine (MC Mane Rok, MC InkLine, Deejay Tense).  Spin's Dave Herrera  printed "ManeLine should be next under the spotlight..."

Mane Rok did share the spotlight with ManeLine on stages with Gnarles Barkley, Bass Nectar, Wu Tang Clan, De La Soul and more while beginning to cultivate his solo career.  And that's where we find Mane Rok today, developing other multi-media groups, writing and producing with his Hip-Hop leaning a little more towards Political Rap and personal experience. 

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- 'CASH FOR KIDS' - Documentary; Supreme Court investigated judges & overturned hundreds of delinquency adjudications. Juvenile Law Center filed a lawsuit against judges & numerous other parties. State legislature created commission to investigate wide-ranging juvenile Justice Judge Fraud. Juvenile Law Center maintains related court documents.                                                                                                                                         

- 'THE NEW JIM CROW' -  Written by Michelle Alexander a highly acclaimed civil rights lawyer, advocate, and legal scholar "EXPOSING Mass Incarceration .... in modern America."                                                                                                                

 -Special Note - "When you are in the arena, Remember who the Real enemy is."   - Hunger Games II (Catching Fire)

Busy #Advocating #CivilRights for a #juvenile. Civil rights attorneys interested in discussing juvenile civil rights email JessicaBurksOffice@gmail.com from your business account.