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Episode I; 3/23 - Artist Conversations from the street.  Organizing, Acting & Evaluating.

Episode II; 3/26 - Political Hip-Hop & word to the wise.

Episode III; 3/304/2 - Organizing, Brainstorming, More Music :)              FtTim 'SOLE' Holland & RIAA Platinum 'DJ Pain 1' on 'Death Drive' a Freudian-Reverse-Hybrid-psycho/social concept compilation.

'SOLE' NYC Vegan / Intellectual / Political Rapper / Songwriter / Anarchist /Activist / Humanist speaks to international & local police brutality, oppression & empowerment in uniting CopWatch, Occupy & similar HR organizations & communities overground & underground in #solidarity direct action. He also uses #speakout to expose ongoing gentrification, the function of video and visibility and diversity of tactics while paying respects to many of those whose lives have been taken directly by racist police brutality. And Sole is constantly organizing and creating infrastructure to protect and rescue the innocent.  Sole & like spirited Political Rapper Time reference www.truth-out.org & www.democracynow.org among others.

' Sole ' played over a thousand shows throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Japan with music featured in major media outlets such as Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, MTVHuffington PostSpin, Alternet, and many more.   His latest albums present a thorough examination and celebration of resistance happening around the world. Sole’s activism reaches beyond the studio and stage into his everyday life where he is deeply involved material and logistical support to many projects that engage directly in the class struggle.

Chosen by Spin as one of their 10 Albums to Stream, “Sole is an Indie hip hop legend.” - HuffPost "Sole is a true revolutionary." - Pitchfork "Cult indie-rap icon" - Spin "The term "death drive" is most commonly known from Freud... When listening to Sole's new album, it is apparent he is more in line with Marshall Sahlinsand Jean Baudrillard's concept of death drive, which is provoked by capitalism.The first track on "Death Drive" dives right into..."OCD with my ADHD, exactly how Bill Gates raised me to be." - By Chris Steele - Truthout 

Reference:                                                                                                   - 'CASH FOR KIDS' - Documentary; Supreme Court investigated judges & overturned hundreds of delinquency adjudications. Juvenile Law Center filed a lawsuit against judges & numerous other parties. State legislature created commission to investigate wide-ranging juvenile Justice Judge Fraud. Juvenile Law Center maintains related court documents.                                                                                                                                         

'THE NEW JIM CROW' -  Written by Michelle Alexander a highly acclaimed civil rights lawyer, advocate, and legal scholar "EXPOSING Mass Incarceration .... in modern America."                                                                                                                

 -Special Note - "When you are in the arena, Remember who the Real enemy is."  - Hunger Games II (Catching Fire)

Busy #Advocating #CivilRights for a #juvenile. Civil rights attorneys interested in discussing juvenile civil rights email JessicaBurksOffice@gmail.com from your business account.

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