Jessica Burks and Friends playlist for 04/20/2015

Jessica Burks & Chuck FosterJBF Theme SongVariousJessica Burks In Cooperation With Catch Me Time Records/Chuck
Chuck FosterWay Back WhenEasy StreetCatch Me Time
Chuck FosterWhat Are We Fighting For?Easy StreetCatch Me Time
Chuck FosterRevelationEasy StreetCatch Me Time
Chuck FosterHouse Of MirrorsEasy StreetCatch Me Time
Chuck FosterFreedom CallsEasy StreetCatch Me Time
Chuck FosterWake UpEasy StreetCatch Me Time
Chuck FosterRighteous WayEasy StreetCatch Me Time
Chuck FosterEasy StreetEasy StreetCatch Me Time
Jessica Burks & Chuck FosterHollywood SignVariousJessica Burks In Cooperation With Catch Me Time Records/Chuck
Jessica Burks & Chuck FosterJBF Theme SongVariousJessica Burks In Cooperation With Catch Me Time Records/Chuck


Episode 1 Infamous LA Dj Chuck Foster on his newest compilation 'Easy Street' Courtesy of Catch Me Time Records.          Click Here for Playlist Broadcast 4/6 & 4/9 :)  

Episode II - More grooves from 'Easy Street'                                 Click Here For Playlist Broadcast 4/13 & 4/16:) 

Episode III - More grooves from 'Easy Street' & 'Trying To Stay Cool'      Click Here For Playlist 4/20 & 4/23 :) 

 Ft, Socially Conscious Infamous L.A. Dj Chuck Foster and his Newest Compilation 'Easy Street'

Written, Produced & Performed by Chuck Foster, writer for the Reggae Update column for two decades for Beat Magazine (he currently writes a column for the annual Reggae Festival Guide), hosts KPFK-LA's Reggae Central and is author of Roots Rock Reggae (Billboard Books) and The Small Axe Guide To Rocksteady (Muzik Tree). The sound is rootical, the vibe is heartical and the music will make you want to move and groove.

Thank you, JessicaBurksMusic               

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 -Special Note - "When you are in the arena, Remember who the Real enemy is."   - Hunger Games II (Catching Fire)

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Thank you, JessicaBurksMusic                                                                 

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