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It's summer preview time. Summertime at the movies- blockbusters, one of which Monkey Kingdom posterwill be seen this year by more people than any other; tent-pole pictures, under which the film company will have a budget to make other films. We'll get into May releases, which may include the number 1 contender for 2015 Box Office King- Avengers: Age Of Ultron opening May1st.

We're delighted to report that old release guidelines continue to evolve. We're seeing more literate, intriguing, films releasing in the summer. Out May 1st: Welcome to Me starring Kristen Wiig, "One of the strangest and boldest comedies I've ever seen"- Bill Murray. Perhaps the most exciting May release, for those who remember Australians George Miller and Mel Gibson's 1981 breakout post-apocalyptic comic-book blast Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior is what's clearly a high-tech high-definition razzle-dazzle update- Mad Max: Fury Road starring the great- and our faves- Tom Hardy and an amazing and powerful looking Charlize Theron. See the trailer(s). 

We'll talk that, new releases, including one hovering near zero approval rating by critics and one currently at 100% thumbs-up (Monkey Kingdom), on the Filmosophers, with Chris Busch & Bruce Miller "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions". Fridays 12:30 PM again Sunday mornings 11:30.

"C'mon, have you seen the trailer (# 1)? It is a smoking hot post-apocalyptic thrill ride with enough adrenaline to fuel a small nation. Directed by the same guy who made the 1979 original (& even more thrilling '81 sequel; bits shown in the latest teaser) Mad Max looks like the summer's most promising reboot." - Huffington Post