Lyrical Venus playlist for 02/11/2015

Annie WenzRoses & Candy Heart ParadesRide the Sky
Suzanne VegaCaramelNine Objects of Desire
Alicia McGovernOur Tiny Little HeartsWords Through The Seasons
Blame SallyLiving Without YouSpeeding Ticket and a Valentine
Emily WhiteRobot HeartsThe Resolution EP
Laura JoyCourting DistasterBetween Our Worlds
Lori McKennaMy SweetheartBittertown
The EvangenitalsSo SweetThe Evangenitals EP
Catie CurtisSweet LifeSweet Life
Ali HandalSweet SceneBreathing Underwater
The RescuesSweetspotCrazy Ever After
Joy IkeSweeterRumors
Rachel RiesValentine, NEFor You Only
Boca ChicaValentineLace Up Your Workboots
Kina GrannisValentineStairwells

Happy Valentine's Day!