- The Studio - 20150119 - Elaine Duncan

 "Turning down my muse is not an option!" So says artist and art instructor Elaine Duncan, past winner of the Eisner Award for Outstanding Creativity. Whatever form you like your creativity to take, if neglect has caused your muse to go on strike, Elaine's advice will help you gently coax it back. Elaine earned a B.A. in Fine Arts from the University of California at Berkelely and pursued postgraduate studies in art at Colorado State University. In 2007, she served as a panelist during a UC Berkeley symposium on "Making Art in Times of Change." In 2008 Mulberry Knoll Books released Feathered Space, a 120-page story revealed through Elaine's drawings, designs, and poetic word play. Elaine has won many art awards and has exhibited her artwork at The Presidio in San Franscisco and at galleries in Iowa, Arizona, and Illinois. Elaine has participated in the Iowa Art Council's Artist-in-Residence Program and Des Moines' Metro Arts Artist-on-Location. Through the Fairfield Art Association, she teachers Art for Your Sake classes that emphasize developing individuals' creative process. "Believe in the uniqueness of your own creativity," Elaine urges. "Believe that it's valuable," she adds. For tips on how to access your own authentic self, tune in to The Studio with Cheryl and Elaine Duncan this week!