- The Studio - 20141222 - Ally Condie

Atlantia Book CoverHer young, autistic son's quiet and brave approach to life inspired Ally Condie, the international bestselling author of the Matched Trilogy, to pen Atlantia, her latest New York Times bestseller. In this stand-alone, dystopian, young adult novel, Ally thoroughly explores the power of voice. Trapped in a disintegrating underwater world, her protagonist, Rio, must harness latent powers to save herself and those she loves. Rio's challenges include assessing the sincerity of others' voices, unscrambling mysterious voices from the past, and honing the power of her own voice. The complexities of female relationships are explored in this book, too. Rio struggles to understand her relationships with her sister, mother, and aunt. Why has Rio's beloved sister betrayed her? Can Rio trust her powerful aunt? Ally tosses a murder mystery and a little romance into this book, as well, making it a real page turner. To learn how an author transforms real life events (like Salt Lake City pollution) into top notch fiction, tune in this week to The Studio with Cheryl and Ally Condie. The second half of the show is a rebroadcast of picture book author Loren Long describing his journey from reluctant reader to bestselling author/illustrator.