Best of 2014: Big Band Jazz Edition

  • Tue
    Dec 16
    5:00 pm -
    6:00 pm
  • Wed
    Dec 17
    11:00 pm -
    12:00 am

The 2014 retrospective continues this week on That Righteous Jive. This time we'll be listening to my favorite big band jazz released this year.

It's hard enough to make it in the music scene today without having eighteen musicians to pay after each gig, but there are still some groups swingin' on: keeping the tradition alive and re-imagining the genre.

Once again I've got five great albums by five great bands:


Orrin Evans' Captain Black Big Band - Pianist Orrin Evans returns with his 16-piece NYC-based band for some more beautiful jazz on their second album: Mother's Touch.





Doc Stewart's Big Band Resuscitation - Chris Stewart is an ER physician by day and an alto saxaphonist and bandleader by night. This year the doctor prescribed some musical medicine with his new album: Code Blue!




The Ed Palermo Big Band - Alto saxaphonist and arranger Ed Palermo leads his 18-piece ensemble through a number of wonderfully creative arrangements of Frank Zappa songs on his album: Oh No! Not Jazz!!.





Elliot Deutsch Big Band - Trumpeter, arranger and composer Elliot Deutsch returns with his 16-piece LA-based ensemble for their amazing second album: The Push!.





Gordon Goodwin's Big Phat Band - Pianist, saxaphonist, arranger and composer Gordon Goodwin leads his phat LA-based 18-piece band through a variety of different musical styles on their incredible new album: Life in the Bubble.




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