Giving Every Day - From Vogue Editor to Advocate for West African Orphans

  • Fri
    Dec 05
    1:00 pm -
    2:00 pm
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    Dec 08
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    9:00 am

Lisa Lovatt-Smith

From her unusual bohemian childhood in Barcelona, to her stint as the youngest ever photo editor at Conde Nast, to helping to start Vogue Spain, to her life-changing journey to West Africa, Lisa Lovatt-Smith fills the pages of her memoir with infectious joy.  In  2002, Lovatt-Smith founded OAfrica, which works to reunite abandoned children with family members and provide alternatives to institutionalization.Who Knows Tomorrow

Lovatt-Smith's writing career began when she won a Vogue writing contest, and landed an internship at Vogue in London, just out of high school. She has published

 multiple books on home interiors and decorating, but her passion for over a decade has been working with the orphans of West Africa, where she now lives in a tiny hut with her three dogs and two youngest adopted children.

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