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The Gift of Adversity

Live radio definitely has its challenges, but they are minor in the great scheme of things. Our planned guest for this lovely post-Thanksgiving day called last night to let us know that he had a family emergency. Our prayers go out to him and his family, and we plan to reschedule in January.

I searched the archives for a fitting replacement, and when I saw this show from the summer of 2013, I knew we had a winner. When we are thinking of the many reasons in our life to be grateful, adversity may not top the list. In "The Gift of Adversity: The Unexpected Benefits of Life's Difficulties, Setbacks and Imperfections," Dr. Norman Rosenthal looks for the silver lining in his own life, as well as case studies and lessons he has learned from his heroes. Less scientific than his previous books, "The Gift of Adversity" is part memoir, part inspiration, and thoroughly enjoyable to read.

Throughout his storied career as a research psychiatrist, Dr. Rosenthal has searched outside the box for ways to help people struggling with depression and other mood disorders.  This search led him to diagnose and name seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and develop light therapy as a wonderfully effective treatment while at the National Institute of Mental Health.  He went on to write several books that brought alternative, non-pharmaceutical treatments straight into public awareness, including "Winter Blues," "St. John's Wort:The Herbal Way to Feeling Good," and "Transcendence," which explores the power of Transcendental Meditation in healing and transformation.