Peace in the Valley

  • Mon
    Nov 17
    11:00 am -
    12:00 pm
  • Wed
    Nov 19
    5:00 am -
    6:00 am


It's been around so long we almost tend to take it for granted, it's influence huge, it's rhythms infectious and its harmonies joyous: Gospel.  Uniquely American, born out of some of the worst misery humans have ever inflicted on others, it's gone way beyond its beginnings in the South and spread to just about every corner of the globe.  We'll hear  from several of those corners, as well as a whole lot of rousing American classics, old favorites as well as new.  This is not your grandmother's gospel.

So whether or not you feel ready to go tell it on the mountain, tune in this Monday and next  at 10:00am, and I can guarantee you won't be crying in the chapel.  Say hallelujah!

Only at the Wildflowers Cafe.  Only on KRUU-FM.