Great Taste Presents Indian Hills Culinary Arts Students and Fabulous Pastries

  • Tue
    Nov 04
    8:00 pm -
    9:00 pm

Great Taste at Green Building Supply

Listen Wednesday and Friday to the show taped LIVE at Green Building Supply on Tuesday, November 4. Indian Hills Culinary Arts students, Raeanna Crile, Michaela Newberry,Noah Burkhart,Set

Timbale or roasted vegetables

h Simmons, and their lead instructor Chef Adam Darland,CCC created a vegetarian menu featuring a jazzed up mac and cheese topped with Milton Creamery’s Prairie Rose and a roasted vegetable and cauliflower purée timbale. 

During the second halfCrepe Escape Pastries of the broadcast on Wednesday and Friday, "Iowa Cooks" presents a dynamic duo from the Crepe Escape

Listen and find out why Fridays at 8:45am are special.Thanks to Green Building Supply for hosting and co-sponsoring the show.  Great Taste is "LIVE" once a month from GBS.  

Our next live show is Tuesday, December 9 with Sabita Sawhney, the owner of Sabi's Cafe, at 7:00 pm.  

Another big shout out to Everybody's, the other co-sponsor of the show.  They are the reason we have such great ingredients to use.

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