The Filmosophers Movie Talk

  • Fri
    Oct 24
    11:30 am -
    12:00 pm
  • Sun
    Oct 26
    10:30 am -
    11:00 am

Starting Friday at the Orpheum Theatre: Kill The Messenger. Two-time AcademyKill The Messenger poster Award nominee Jeremy Renner (The Bourne Legacy) in a thriller based on the true story of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Gary Webb." "A serious, interesting film about a very simple concept: The Truth. And how very complicated that can sometimes become." "Crisp, smart and gutsy; intriguing, chilling and briskly paced." "Jeremy Renner's best performance since 'The Hurt Locker."Also, The Boxtrolls is held over, "packed with enough offbeat wit and visual splendor to offer a healthy dose of all-ages entertainment." - RT Keanu Reeves new release- John Wick is getting good buzz- "An underworld fantasy that grafts crisp action on to Rian Johnson-esque world-building, producing one of the more fully realized shoot-'em-up flicks in recent memory."Citizenfour is yet another example of the golden age of documentaries: "In January 2013, Laura Poitras was several years into making a film about surveillance in the post-9/11 era when she started receiving encrypted e-mails from someone identifying himself as "citizen four," who was ready to blow the whistle on the massive covert surveillance programs run by the NSA and other intelligence agencies. In June 2013, she flew to Hong Kong for the first of many meetings with the man who turned out to be Edward Snowden." "Whether you think Edward Snowden is a hero or a traitor, you should see this riveting documentary." - Washington Post "It's a tense and frightening thriller."- A.O. Scott, New York Times. "Buy a ticket to this film... and use your credit card, so the NSA knows you care about this stuff...." Christopher Nolan's (Inception) new "mindbending" film Interstellar opens in just two weeks and it's about time the Filmosopher's start banging the drum for this. "A team of explorers undertakes the most important mission in human history; traveling beyond this galaxy to discover whether mankind has a future among the stars." All this and more on the Filmosophers movie talk, with Chris Busch & Bruce Miller, "where we give our filmosophy of the movies and have filmosophical discussions". Fridays, 12:30 PM, again Sunday mornings 11:30. - This is a true story. - Some stories are just too true to tell... Kill The Messenger