Quinoa and Kansas City on GREAT TASTE this Week

  • Wed
    Oct 22
    6:00 pm -
    7:00 pm
  • Fri
    Oct 24
    6:00 am -
    7:00 am

Lisa M. Hamilton 

Ami Freeberg


So much to share this week!!

On the show this week I visit with writer Lisa M. Hamilton.  After a trip to the Andes in Bolivia and stateside research in Salt Lake City, Lisa wrote an insightful piece for Harper's about quinoa, and you can find it here.  There are a myriad of complexities surrounding this protein rich grain and we will explore some of them with Lisa in the first part of the show, plus discuss her article on open-source seed, "Linux for Lettuce."  You can follow Lisa on Twitter at-@HamiltonLisaM.

In the "Iowa Cooks" segment I chat with Ami Freeberg.  Ami is a native of Fairfield, who currently lives in Kansas City.  She works at making the Kansas City area more sustainable, not just as it relates to food, but also community.  In her role as Communications and Outreach Manager for Cultivate Kansas City, she is focused on developing and implementing numerous urban agricultural projects.  You can read more about Ami and Cultivate Kansas City here.


Saturday night I returned to Hole in the Wall in Des Moines to eat and visit with Chef Zach Gutweiler.  His passion continues to inspire me, and his food is a genuine expression of his playful personality.

I didn't have to drive all the way to Memphis to experience a crispy, spicy, hot chicken.  Zach serves his on a housemade bun with housemade pickles and chives.  After the weekly hot plate, I ate the first twinkie of my life.  Lucky for me this one was also created by the chef-Mint bavarian, bourbon condensed milk, pear puree, dehydrated pears, whiskey snow, and viola.  Do yourself a favor and eat at Hole in the Wall.  The mac and cheese is fine, but step out and experience all the other treats Zach is creating.

Vegetarians can enjoy his riff on a few of the dishes that he can modify.  Also, if you are vegan let him know ahead of time as he even has vegan buns in the freezer so you can experience his barbequed jack fruit.

Finally, there is nothing more fulfiling to me than cooking with my family and friends.  Our daughter, Rebecca, and her family are moving so while her husband, Andrew, was at the new house ripping up carpet, the two kids, daughter and Dad (Nonno) were making food for the busy week ahead.  With the help of the three-year old we prepared a vegetable lentil soup, black-eyed pea stew, and ramen cups.  With the baby on her back Rebecca went outside to the garden and returned with butternut squash, chard, beets, and kale, which we prepped for later use.  If you don't already have a garden, take some time this winter to plan one, and make an effort to cook and eat regularly as a family.  It's almost better than eating.