Celebrating Jackson Browne's birthday on Roots Rock Roadhouse

  • Tue
    Oct 07
    2:00 pm -
    4:00 pm
  • Fri
    Oct 10
    8:00 am -
    10:00 am

Celebrating the birthday (Oct. 9, 1948) of Jackson Browne who began his professional music career at the age of 16 when he penned the song "These Days".  Browne is arguably the greatest songwriter to emerge from the early 70s southern California; Laurel Canyon scene.  His poetic, introspective renderings of life in the post 60s millieu have not only stood the test of time but they've spawned musical children like Dawes, Indigo Girls and others. His songs have been recorded by Gregg Allman, Joan Baez, the Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, the Byrds, Tom Rush, Nico and many more. Happy birthday Jackson. We'll be appreciating you, celebrating you and knowing you, the same way we have been for years; through your music.