The Tastemakers author, David Sax and A Vegetarian Food Journey

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    Oct 01
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The Tastemakers coverAfter 25 years in the toy and novelty business I still scratch my head thinking about the items that capture the arms, hands, feet, and minds of kids and the wallets of parents.  Some goofy products like pogs enjoyed a brief, but meteoric rise in popularity before vanishing.  Beanie Babies were the rage for awhile, and sports cards had their moment.  Other franchises-Lego, Barbie, Pokemon, Pooh, Star Wars-made an indelible imprint on the culture, and continue to find avid consumers despite the changes in technology and lifestyle that have occurred in our society. 

Why did Cabbage Patch dolls become so popular?  How do collectible card games like Magic:  The Gathering, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh! entrance enough players that Wal-Mart devotes 18 feet of shelf space to them?

David SaxBy now you are probably thinking that the Great Taste blog post ended up on another site.  Actually, these thoughts were inspired by my first guest on this week’s show, James Beard award-winning author David Sax.  Sax’s book The Tastemakers examines food trends-why is everyone talking about and eating kale, consuming cupcakes, needs to fill their smoothies with chia seeds, and can ingest loads of desserts featuring bacon?  Where are trends born, who determines how a trend progresses, and what do they say about our society?  One thing I do know is my head-scratching will continue after talking with David since I still love fondue.

Annalisa and Aurelien in ThailandOn “Iowa Cooks,” our second part of the show, Annalisa Fredrickson and her husband, Aurelien, join me in the KRUU studio.  They recently returned from an eight-month trip, spending the majority of their time consuming culinary delights in Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Myanmar, Cambodia, South Korea, Taipei, Australia, and other countries.  As vegetarians they had to pass up some crazy dishes like deep-fried tarantulas, but, according to Annalisa,”the food was amazing.”  You can check out some of their trip posts at these links:

Next week we are recording Wednesday’s GREAT TASTE show at Green Building Supply LIVE at 7:00 pm with guest chef, Sabita Sawhney of Sabi’s Cafe.  Don’t miss some great Indian tastes on Tuesday, October 7.