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Jack Fruit BunGREAT TASTE is “LIVE”  this week, Wednesday, September 10 at 7:00 pm, as we launch a new “Join the Chef” monthly series from the kitchen at Green Building Supply.  Kicking off the series is a young chef, Zach Gutweiler, who creates amazing tastes in a 25 square foot space called Hole in the Wall in Des Moines.  To find out what he is preparing each week check out Hole in the Wall at Gas Lamp on Facebook.

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Zach, along with his sous chef, Bruce Bales, will do some shopping at the Wednesday Fairfield Farmers Market prior to the show.  His style combines classic French technique with the daredevil attitude he polished during his professional in-line skating career.  At “the Wall” Zach features as much organic and local produce and meats as possible from numerous farmers around the Capital city.

Deviled EggsIt was my good fortune last month to hang out at Hole in the Wall one evening, talk to Zach, and experience his creativity and playfulness.  I kept going back to the window to try just one more dish.  The meal started with deviled eggs topped with faux caviar eggs of red pepper and cayenne juice and garnished with amaranth flowers.  Next was a finger-licking good vegetarian version of pulled barbecue chicken, but instead it featured BBQ braised jack fruit, jicama slaw, mustard seed, and a little basil yoghurt.  Lamb chop and veggiesHis featured dish of the week was a lamb chop with spinach artichoke dip (not anything like what you are probably imagining), couscous, summer vegetables, bur bur yoghurt, ricotta salata,  and olive-dandelion vinaigrette (oh my).   Luckily, all the plates are small and very reasonably-priced, so in the interest of research, I tackled brussels sprouts with chorizo, cilantro, and a fish caramel sauce, and ended the meal with his version of a pop tart.  It was filled with a Chinese five spice almond custard, and topped with a saffron caramel apple butter sauce. 

Brussels sproutsWith so much going on in each dish I was concerned many of the flavors would get muddied up and lose their distinctive characteristics. That’s where an artist stands out though, as Zach was able to boldly plate a myriad of textures, colors, and flavor profiles on his canvas of choice-paper plates-allowing each element to revel in its own integrity.  

Pop TartI can’t wait to welcome Zach to GREAT TASTE, and have him share the passion he has for food and the cooking profession with our listeners.  Don’t miss Chef Zach Gutwwiler, Wednesday, September 10 at 7:00 pm at Green Building Supply.

We’ll record the show with Zach and it will air on Wednesday, September 17 at 7:00 pm and again on Friday, September 19 at 7:00 am.  This Wednesday’s GREAT TASTE features the rebroadcast of an archived show.