Centripetal Sounds: The Rainbow Rider playlist for 08/02/2014

The PaparazziGoing, Going, Gone...Rococo
EvenLiving In a Childs DreamTomorrow is Today: A Tribute To The Austrailian Psychedelic Scene 1966-70
The Masonic WhoresMore Than Love
Amaya LauciricaLong Time Gone
The Paul Kidney ExperienceHurt Love Fire
The Great ApesSebastapol Street
The Green CirclesLong Live Sivinanda
The Sly HatsDavendra
The Sand PebblesSunshine To Burn
NinetyninePurple Boy Gang
Mid State OrangeMoving In A Circle
Thee Stag KnightsIn A Year Or So
TarantulaThe Loved One
The kleber Claux Memorial SingersTell Me Love
The Sun BlindnessVillage Tapestry
Various ArtisitsGroovy Night
Ian D MarksKing of the Mountain
Thee Pink Stainless TailSitting By A Tree
S.T. MikaelStroll On Stumblin Street
King FelixOceans of Fire
VariousLove Machine
The Sand PebblesNatalie
The Green CirclesKnee Jerk reaction
Thee stSpeed Is King
ninetynGuest List Girls
The Love LettersFly My Kite
The Great ApesHistory's Monsters
3DTVThe Neon Exhibition
VariousOut On The Open Raod
Amaya LauricaDust
The Sun BlindnessCrack In The Concrete
EvenUnderwater Dream
Sly HatsVampire Sips
The Kleber Claux Memorial SingersThe Moose It Roared
Ian D MarksParadise Children
Mid StateNew Years Day
The Pink Stainless TailGottzar
The EelsGod's SilenceBlinking Lights and Other Revalations
TarantulaBullyTomorrow Is Today

Rainbow Rider #183