Math Rock On The After Hours

  • Sat
    Jun 28
    9:00 pm -
    11:00 pm
  • Wed
    Jul 02
    10:00 pm -
    12:00 am


Math rock is a (mostly) guitar and drum based genre characterized by unusual, complex and frequently shifting time signatures. Kind of like metal but without the vocals and distortion. On this Saturday night's edition of The After Hours we'll be listening to some of my favorite math rock (all instrumental) from the last few years. I'll be featuring Totorro---a quartet from Rennes, France--and the LP they released last April: Home Alone. We'll also hear from Cleft, Suffer Like G Did, Plini and Moon Hooch.

In the last leg of the show we'll be listening to some of my favorite jazz & funk fusion of 2014, courtesy of Omaha Diner, Analog Son and The Blacksmiths. Stream it live June 28th, 10pm-12am CDT right here on KRUU radio.