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Today's three tiers include; Number One, With A Whole-Lotta BulletsTrash, Heeped, & Generation Vexed. For links to today's headlines, click "Read more" below.

1. Number One, With A Whole-Lotta Bullets 

In devising a plan in Iraq, US looks to its Yemen model

 Did you know ISIS’ military commander in Iraq was trained by the United States? 

 Pentagon official: Libya a ‘magnet’ for terrorists

 War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing

 House Continues Overspending Spree with New Defense Bill

 No one builds bases like Americans

 2. Trash, Heeped 

What's the environmental impact of all those World Cup flags?

 Plastic Waste Causes $13 Billion in Damages to Marine Ecosystems Each Year

 It’s Frack, Baby, Frack, as Conventional Gas Drilling Declines [Infographic]

 Leaky Methane Makes Natural Gas Bad for Global Warming

 Global warming puts trillions at stake, but mitigation offers big economic gains

 The Deodorant Spray That Eats Pollution (and Will Keep Your Stadium Clean)

 3. Generation Vexed

Generation X: America’s neglected ‘middle child’

 This Millennial Bro Is Running for Congress Using the Family Trust Fund

 Chelsea Clinton: I tried to care about money but couldn't

 A Millennial’s Agrarian Anomie


A Lifetime of Intellectual Stimulation Staves Off Dementia

 University of Dayton divests from fossil fuels

 Goodbye, Pacific garbage patch: a teenager’s invention may clean it up


What Really Happened in Congo: The CIA, the Murder of Lumumba & the Rise of Mobutu

 U.S.-Egyptian “Historic Partnership” Reeks with Hypocrisy

 Israel accepts first delivery of disputed Kurdish pipeline oil

 The Strong Female Voice of Hamas

 Japan unveils 'world's first' android newscaster

Lockheed's Vision: Autonomous Drones With Lasers

 Rich countries pay zombie fishing boats $5 billion a year to plunder the seas

 The dark side of the Italian tomato

 Cancer 'as Old as Multi-Cellular Life on Earth': Researchers Discover a Primordial Cancer in a Primitive Animal

 Inventing Money: Greek town invented its own currency to ward-off the pains of forced austerity





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