Centripetal Sounds: The Rainbow Rider playlist for 06/21/2014

PsychobudWaiting For The AccidentPsychobud
The Guess WhoAmerican WomanAmerican Woman
The BeatlesYer BluesThe Beatles
The Jimi Hendrix ExperiencePurple HazeAre You Experienced
Jefferson AirplaneCrazy MirandaBark
Frank ZappaWho Are The Brain Police?Freak Out
The GrowlersA Man With No GodAre You In Or Out?
Bettie ServeertHell=Other People(alternate version)Bare Stripped Naked
Todd SniderPrecious Little MiraclesAgnostic Hymns & Stoner Fables
Dirty StreetsTruthBlades of Grass
Deep PurpleThe MuleFireball
Blue MountainSoul SisterBlue Mountain
Tom WaitsDirt In The GroundBone Machine
The Dirt FishermenHerpes Of The MouthGlenn's Car
The Fraternal Order Of The AllIt's BeautifulGreetings From Planet Love
The Green PajamasCold LoveBox Of Secrets
Wall of VoodooThey Don't Want MeCall Of The West
Dead MoonToo Far GoneCrack In The System
The TemptationsPapa Was A Rolling StoneAll Directions
The Reverand Horton HeatThe Devil's Chasing MeThe Full Custom Gospel Sounds
EelsI'm Going To Stop PretendingBlinking Lights and Other Revelations
John HartfordBack In The Goodle DaysAereo-Plain
The Out CrowdC'mon ChildrenGo On, Give A Damn
The Mothers of InventionZolar CzaklUncle Meat
Cold SunHere In The YearDark Shadows
TrafficDear Mr. FantasyFeelin' Alright

Rainbow Rider #177