Centripetal Sounds: The Rainbow Rider playlist for 06/14/2014

The Soul SearchersGentleman's BetThe Soul Searchers
The Rain ParadeNo Easy Way DownRain Parade
Speed, Glue, & ShinkiRed DollSpeed, Glue, & Shinki
Bubble PuppyHot Smoke and SasafrassA Gathering of Promises
The Electric PrunesMujo 22Artifact
Adrian YoungeUntitled IIVenice Dawn
Dimentia 13Disturb The AirDisturb The Air
The PaperheadSymon's Monthly Meteoroligical SocietyThe Looking Glass
PhantasiaStumbling DragonA Psychedelic
El GoodoI Only Dream P1Coyote
El GoodoI Only Dream P2Coyote
Fifty Foot HoseFantasyCauldron
The EndShades of OrangeIntrospection
The Freak SceneMy Rainbow LifePsychedelic Psoul
The Liquid Sound CompanyLet The Incense DriftExploring The Psychedelic
Red Temple SpiritsIn The Wild HillsIf Tomorrow I Were Leaving For Lhasa, I Wouldn't Wait A Minute More
Psychic Illsside two part twoTelesthetic Tape
Strawberry Alarm ClockThe World's On FireStrawberries Mean Love
The Electric BananaBlow Your MindBlows Your Mind
MinutemenStorm Inside My HouseDouble Nickels On The Dime
PsychobudStill Waiting For The AccidentPsychobud

Rainbow Rider #176