Electro-Blues and Gospel On The After Hours

  • Sat
    Jun 14
    9:00 pm -
    11:00 pm
  • Wed
    Jun 18
    12:00 am -
    2:00 am


I've got another great set of mind-bending and genre-blending music for your brains to digest on this Saturday night's edition of The After Hours. We'll be listening to some of my favorite Dj's and producers to have mix & mashed blues and gospel with electronica. From instrumental hip-hop, to house, to dub-step, the styles will change but the sample-base remains the same. I'll be featuring French producer Nicolas Repac and the LP he released last year: Black Box. We'll also hear from Moby, Skeewiff, The Malex Kings, Beat Fatigue, Minoru and a whole lot more!

In the last half hour I'll be sending you out with some trip-hop featuring Hugo Kant's new LP The Point Of No Return, which came out earlier this week. We'll also hear from Nym, Question, ProleteR and L'Orange. Stream it live June 14th, 10pm-12am CDT right here on KRUU radio.