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Putting together Great Taste every week always means encountering new people and information.   It's why I love to do the show; I learn more about food and cooking from knowledgeable and terrific farmers, authors, and chefs, then I have the privilege of passing their stories on to you, the listener. 

Robin AsbellRobin Asbell is the author of Gluten Free Pasta, Sweet and Easy Vegan Treats Made with Whole Grains and Natural Sweeteners, Big Vegan, New Vegetarian and The New Whole Grains Cookbook.  Her latest effort is Juice It! Energizing Juices for All Times of Day (Chronicle Books).

What was it that stood out above all other aspects when talking Juice It!with Robin about her new book?  It was her lack of an agenda other than the simple objective of offering people an easy option for imbibing delicious, healthy beverages.  She presents her recipes in a simple, straightforward style fitting all the juices into neat categories-energizing, healing, relaxing, or pure pleasure.  This approach along with added tips makes the book appealing to first-time and habitual juicers.  You can learn more about Robin and follow her blog at

Josey Baker BreadAnyone notice the beating bread (wheat) is taking these days?  Everyone seems to either be allergic to it, cutting down to trim the waistline fat, or avoiding it because of adopting the "paleo" diet.  Spend five minutes or less in a room with Josey Baker and I'll bet your resolve would end up in Josey Bakerthe toaster along with a piece of bread.

Josey's book, Josey Baker Bread is an extraordinary cookbook that lesson-by-lesson can make you into a baker.  He is the perfect person to write this type of baking guide because he had no formal experience-not at his mother's apron strings, not at a school or at the hearth of a master baker in France.

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What captivated and continues to entrance him is contained in how he described the breadbaking experience.  "I wish that I could give people the love and focus that I found through it."

There are a plethora of terrific bread-baking books available like Jim Lahey's My Bread, Tartine Bread, Bread Baker's Apprentice; every baker has his favorite.  I am adding Josey Baker Bread to my list of essential cookbooks because its author's infectious personality shines on every page enticing you to find fine stone-ground, freshly-milled, preferably local bread or high-protein flour and get your hands in it immediately.

You know how sometimes a terrific pitching performance or other athletic endeavors are described by the participant with the words "in the zone?"  Well, that's the type of feeling I had while talking with Josey.  It was a magical 30 minutes.  Check out the story of how his bakery, "The Mill", was born in this documentary by Najeeb Tarazi-  You can find Josey's blog here.

Photo of Josey Baker courtesy of Erin Kunkel.