- Rudy Wilson - 20140516

Shiny"Shiny"  is a powerful and touching novel by Rudy Wilson, co-winner of the 2013 Inkfingerz writing competition sponsofed by Writers' Voices and 1st World Publishing.  Join us this week on Writer's Voices as Rudy tells the story behind "Shiny" and its long and winding path to publication. We will also delve into how Rudy stepped onto the writing path and what has kept him writing through its many ups and downs.

Rudy is the author of four books including "The Red Truck" and "Sonja's Blue," and has published widely in literary magazines and online (Check out some of his essays about writing and publishing on writersvoices.com. ) Among his many distinctions, Rudy was awarded an NEA fellowship for fiction and was nominated last year for the prestigious Pushcart Prize.  He has an MFA from the University of Iowa's Writing Workshop and has taught fiction writing for many years. Rudy is a popular guest on Writer's Voices and we are glad to have him back!