- Writers' Voices - 20140502 - Peter Korn

Peter KornThis week's Writer's Voices interview is in memory of Monica's father and Caroline's husband, John Lefever Herr, who passed away almost 33 years ago at the very young age of 49.

Why you may ask?  Because among his many interests, one of his foremost passions was woodworking.  Like our guest, Peter Korn, John Herr attempted to make a living making fine furniture, although he started about 15 years earlier. Unlike Korn, Herr was not able to make a career out of it.  Being the provider for five children may have have had something to do with that!

John Herr

"Why We Make Things and Why It Matters" is part memoir, part history of the Arts and Crafts movements and its lasting impact on how we view craft, and part philosphy.  Not only does Peter Korn remind me of my father, but he also reminds me of one my father's favorite authors, Eric Sloane, author of many books, chief among them "A Reverence for Wood," on the history and philosophy of woodworking.  

This photo is from a newspaper article showing a miniature table that John Herr made for the Armstrong Cork Co of Lancaster, PA for a display at Rockefeller Plaza during the 1964 World's Fair. 

Join us on Writers' Voices this week for unique perspective on working with your hands, as we speak with Peter Korn, master craftsman, writer and educator.