James Beard Award Winner Patricia Wells and Tartine Bakery

Food Lover's Guide to ParisPatricia Wells, James Beard award-winning author, spoke with me this week from Provence, where spring came early this year.  Our first local asparagus poked its way through the now thawed ground only this week, but she has been enjoying that amazingly tasty flowering perennial since January.  Don't miss her tip on the simplest way to prepare this spring treat.  You'll have to listen to the show for the recipe.

Ms. Wells' completely revised 5th edition of The Food Lover's Guide to Paris is available in bookstores and online, and the app for IOS is on the iTunes Store as a free download to try out, or for $4.99 you can get the complete app with over 350 recommendations for enjoying the culinary delights in the City of Light.

You can learn more about Patricia, her cooking classes and books at-http://patriciawells.com/.

Tartine BreadIn the second half of the show I chat with one of our town's best bakers, Heli Claire Witherspoon.  Since graduating from the San Francisco Baking Institute, Heli has worked at several bakeries in different areas of the country.  For the past seven months she has been at Tartine, located in the Mission District in San Francisco.  Tartine is recognized as one of this countries best bakeries.  I can personally attest to having an extraordinary croissant and morning bun there a couple of months ago.  Also, I stocked up for a trade show in Las Vegas, that started the next day, purchasing brownies and peanut brittle.  I kept my stash hidden in a corner cabinet of the booth, and relished every surreptitious bite over the next few days.