- Writers' Voices - 20140425 - Ray Bourhis

RevoltThe writers whom we have interviewed on Writers' Voices came to writing from a wide range of backgrounds.  It is always interesting to hear their stories - for some, how they came to write a book at all is surprising. This week's guest, Ray Bourhis, is an attorney specializing in representing people whose long term disability claims were denied by insurance companies.  As such, he has a unique perspective on greed, and the concentration of power, although his fictiional response to this in "Revolt: The Secession of Mill Valley," may seem a bit extreme.

Ray BourhisStill, the issues that are raised in this political thriller - including government surveillance of average citizens and elections dominated by big money, - couldn't be more timely. Join Monica and Caroline this week to learn how political passions can turn into a political thriller.