- Great Taste - 20140416 - Winnie Abramson

One Simple ChangeWinnie Abramson, the author of One Simple Change, has a message that appeals to many of us-it's not that difficult to improve your health if you work at it systematically by taking little steps that add up.  Too many people set themselves up for failure by attempting to radically change their lifestyle.  Give a listen to some of the practical principles Winnie has found that really work.  Her approach to living well is refreshing, and, I'm happyy to write, free of the dogma espoused by many others in her field.

The second half of the show is the host waxing about many different topics, including some of the favorite places he's eaten at recently, articles he's read, and on and on.

I mentioned pizza dough and forgot to give one of the references that came up.  It's from a recent Wednesday edition of the NYT-Sam Sifton's simple method for at-home pizza making-http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/09/dining/a-little-pizza-homework.html?_r=0

Also, here's the link to the article on egotarian cuisine written by Alan Richman-http://www.gq.com/life/food/201403/alan-richman-dude-food

I'm going to the Lincoln Wine Bar this weekend where the only star is the pizza.