- Great Taste - 20140409 - Sabitha Sawhney and Sonia Vera

Sabi's CafeOther than spending time with family members, the most fulfilling moments for me are when I get to cook, talk, and eat with friends.  I hope you enjoy listening in on the GREAT TASTE conversation this week with Sabitha Sawhney, assistant professor of business at Maharishi University of Management, and proprietor/chef of Sabi's Cafe, and Sonia Vera, a courtroom interpreter who helped us learn some basic Columbian dishes. 

Columbian repastSabitha and Sonia's food and philosophies of cooking are both dear to my heart and stomach.  Thanks to Dori Rector and my wife, too for helping out in the kitchen 


Dori's Columbian bean soup was extraordinary.  The link to the basic recipe is below, but she added a bit more garlic and salt, a leek, and substituted three whole chipotle chilis for the ham hocks.