- KRUU Programming - The Closet with Fran Cox

The Closet

Anna Brett sits down with Fran Cox to talk about The Closet. The Closet started with a spark in a young ladies heart, to provide a service to the community for free that  would help low income families that were in need of clothing, household items, ect!

When The Closet moved from Iowa City, another “go getter” took over the organization Through her efforts we increased the volunteer base and the workings of the closet so it was able to be open more days and be a  greater blessing to the community.  The closet grew to a very nice service where All local families that  wished to donate or participate could.  Any family in need can come.

Because the Closet kept growing and took so much time, be it for sorting the abundance of donations, organizing the closet or being on hand to assist the families; it became clear that  additional help was required.  As the Closet grew again the need for more than a part time manager became apparent, and in steps Fran Cox, who has created an actual store within The Closet.