- Great Taste - 20140307 - Sam Auen of Tacopacalypse

Sam AuenChef/owner Sam Auen is not a conventional character, and Tacopacalypse is not a conventional "Mexcican" restaurant. If you are looking for "Mexican" food replete with tons of beans, cheese, and bad salsa, the good news is plenty of those spots abound in almost any USA town.  If you are drawn to good food loaded with creativity and fun, then there are only two places in Iowa where it comes in the form of tacos and burritos laden with asian influences-the original Tacopacalypse now located in Des Moines' East Village, and the new branch in Fairfield at The Orpheum.

During our hour-long conversation Sam and I hip-hopped our way in and around many topics including how his approach to food developed, his daily schedule, upcoming projects, music, and cycling.  Listen close and you'll hear the soul of a person who is an outspoken straight shooter with a huge heart. 

Brunch MenuWhat else about Sam draws me in?  He loves to play with food, and his menu reflects that.  It's fun.  He was a vegan, a vegetarian, and now an omnivore so he can relate to people with all types of eating habits and needs.  He plays and writes music.  He cares about people which is why he cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the folks at Central Iowa Shelter and Services in Des Moine.  And, if the culinary map shows a pretty standard route, he'll choose to carve out a unique way to arrive at the same destination-http://dmjuice.com/juice-exclusive-hot-sauce-recipe-by-tacopocalypses-sam-auen/

Tacopacalypse is open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday at 5:00 pm, lunch Friday and Saturday (and soon to be expanded to other days), plus brunch on Sunday morning starting at 10:00 am.

Menu items change daily (Note:  BOD is Burrito of the Day).  You can keep up on Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/TacopocalypseFairfield

Menu Tacopacalypse