- Planet Erstwild - 20140307 - Richard Incorvia on MSAE News Team


The first hour James reairs a discussion from 2009 with Milo Bekins, a farmer from Costa Rica, as well as a short tribute to the passing of Les Paul

At 3:30pm, tune in for a very special interview with MSAE teacher Richard Incorvia who shares exciting developments with middle school students on the cutting edge of educational opportunities. Together they are pioneering a trail of whatschoolcanbe.com.

If you're interested in seeing a short, professional video highlighting a kickstarter campaign to expand their media and educational outreach, click on Richard's picture [right]. The video was shot at KRUU where these young people are producing a daily local events program known as Radio Action News. Great job Drew Schoenfeld, Paloma Braun, Daniel Zhu & Hermela Grebremariam.