- Writer's Voice - 20140131 - Laurie Halse Anderson

Laurie Halse AndersonThis week's guest on Writers' Voices is one of the most influential writers for young adults today. Laurie Halse Anderson's first young adult novel, "Speak" is the story of a young vicitm of sexual assault and is used in classrooms across the nation. Never one to avoid the tough subjects, her most recent book, "The Impossible Knife of Memory" is inspired by Anderson's own childhood, growing up with a father suffering from war-induced PTSD.  Already it is allowing teens who are living with this issue an opportunity for understanding and healing.

In speaking with Writers' Voices, Anderson tells about her journey from her early career as a journalist, why she began writing children's books, and her successful transition to young adult fiction. In addition to contemporary novels, she also has published a number of historical novels for young adults including the "Seeds of America" trilogy. The first book of that series, "Chains" takes the unusual perspective of a run-away slave during the American Revolution, and shines light on the little-known truth that at the time of the Declaration of Independence, even the Northern states were slave states. 

Join us this week on Writers' Voices for this fascinating conversation on writing for young adults.